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What are Commercial Litigation Lawyers?

A Law Society Accredited Specialist is a lawyer with at least five years relevant practice in the specialist area of law.

What is a commercial litigation attorney & What does a commercial litigator do?

As part of the rigorous accreditation process, a commercial litigation lawyer must:

  1. pass examinations, plus
  2. be assessed by their legal peers as having the requisite level of skill and competency to qualify as a specialist

Mark Streeter, Senior Partner at Streeterlaw in Sydney, is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation through the Law Society of NSW. In the whole of NSW there are currently only 97 Commercial Litigation Law Specialist Lawyers. Accordingly, this “litigation law accreditation” provides you with an independent assurance that your lawyer not only has expertise, but has been assessed independently by other lawyers as having that expertise.

Litigation Lawyers can specialise in:

  • Business litigation
  • Commercial litigation
  • Insolvency litigation
  • Family law litigation
  • Property litigation
  • Criminal litigation

Mark Streeter | Commercial Litigation Lawyer in Sydney

In addition Mark Streeter’s academic qualifications are from the University of NSW in Sydney, Australia

  • Bachelor of Arts (1990)
  • Bachelor of Laws (1993)
  • Master of Laws (1999)

As a recognised specialist lawyer in commercial litigation, Mark Streeter has been admitted to both the Supreme Court of NSW and the High Court of Australia

  • The Supreme Court of NSW on 14 December 1994
  • The High Court of Australia on 8 June 1995

In Sydney, Australia, like anywhere in the world, professional commercial litigation law firms need to engage in continuous learning. The laws in Australia are constantly changing as new cases are decided and new laws are passed through parliament.

Mark Streeter as a commercial lawyer has a commitment to continuing education both for himself and others in his profession. He is engaged as a tutor of the Advanced Insolvency Law subjects taught through the Queensland University of Technology. This is in partnership with the Insolvency Practitioners Association. Mark is a full member of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.


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