Preference Claims

Companies that are struggling to pay their debts often request entering into payment arrangements with their creditors in order to sustain a cash
flow. Creditors who accept these payment arrangements need to realise there are implications in accepting these part payments if the struggling
company is placed into liquidation generally within six months of receiving those part payments.

The liquidator has the legal right to recover some of those payments for the benefit of all creditors.

Essentially, the creditor is seen to have received an “unfair preference” if they receive payment of some of their debt ahead of other

When a liquidator seeks to recover these unfair preferences from creditors, it is called a preference claim. If a creditor refuses to repay the
money demanded by the liquidator, the liquidator can seek a Court order to do so. However, it is common for preference claims to be settled
out of Court.

The defences available to a creditor facing a preference claim include:

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