Cost-Effective and Efficient Commercial Litigation Lawyers in Sydney CBD

Get the support you need to manage issues threatening your business quickly and simply.

Streeterlaw offers the services of a number of experienced commercial litigation and dispute lawyers, ensuring that you’re provided with the advice and representation needed to favourably resolve issues as they arise, minimising disruption to your business.

If you’re looking for lawyers who you can trust to deliver exceptional results for you and your business, look no further than our experienced team in Sydney CBD.

Streeterlaw’s lawyers have the experience your business needs

Led by firm principal Mark Streeter, our commercial litigation lawyers have a broad area of practice, covering a diverse range of issues from contempt to fraud and shareholder and partnership disputes. Choosing the right representation can ensure that the matter’s impact on other parts of your life is kept to a minimum, allowing you to continue with your professional and personal pursuits with a minimum of stress.

We have broken down this area of law into six categories and detailed our expertise in these areas – Contractual DisputesShareholder DisputesPartnership Disputes, Debt Recovery and Repossession of Assets, Personal Property Security Claims and Insurance Recoveries. If you aren’t sure what direction to take regarding an issue your company is facing, the Streeterlaw team of experts can help you decide the best course of action for your particular situation.

Why choose Streeterlaw when you need a commercial litigation lawyer?

  1. A depth of experience in all areas of commercial law, supporting clients through complicated, multi-faceted matters including search, seize and freeze, disputes between business partners and all manner of contractual disputes.
  2. A broad approach that puts you in better hands, ensuring that should factor such as bankruptcy or debt complicate the case, our business lawyers will be able to provide you with relevant, insightful advice.
  3. A dedication to your case that ensures that you always have clear, open lines of communication to our legal team, ensuring you’re fully aware of every development as it happens.
  4. A results-focused approach that makes speedy and efficient resolution of your matter our highest priority.
  5. Our director is an Accredited Specialist in Commercial Litigation.

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