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Debt Recovery

You are in business to make a profit. When clients do the wrong thing by you — in delaying or not paying you — then you need to know your legal rights.

Debt Recovery Services in Sydney

The Streeterlaw Debt Recovery Team is in the business of helping their clients “get their money back”. This involves providing a fast, efficient and affordable debt recovery process which involves the use of customised instruction forms, varied letters of demand for different situations and statements of claim which can be prepared and served with the use of Process Server agents who have been tried and tested in finding even the most evasive debtors.

It is crucial that when you have a dispute over a debt that you are advised at the outset of your rights, obligations and remedies and that you consider the commercial practicality of getting your money back, which includes how to enforce judgements obtained by the court.

Our practice management software integrates the document management, document automation and matter management with the financial aspects of the files and Streeterlaw is independently audited and certified as compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards.

Small business and personal debt recovery lawyers

For corporate or individual clients, we provide you with access to your files via a secure internet portal, enabling you to view your data including (but not limited to) the following:

  1. Significant dates.
  2. File notes of debtor calls.
  3. Copies of court documents and advice generated on your file.
  4. Your account history and view.

Clients can upload their documents without resorting to hard copy post through use of our paperless system.

Debt recovery requires skill, speed, a practical outlook and experience.

Need debt recovery solicitors in Sydney?

Please contact our office now on 1300 293 957 or email to speak to one of our senior debt recovery solicitors.

Lessons learned

You are in the business of making a profit. When companies, clients and people delay or do not pay you, it is necessary to obtain legal advice or debt recovery services to know your rights and the steps to getting your money back.

Your business cash flow or your personal cash flow is crucial to your business progress and therefore the recovery of debt should be a high priority in any business.

If you are a new start-up business or do not currently have an existing debt recovery practitioner, it is vital you obtain advice from a professional legal team to ensure you can take action quickly and do not spend precious time chasing bad debts.

If you want your clients to keep paying your invoices on time, if you need debt collection to recover outstanding debts, to follow up bad debts, or even to repossess or quickly search, seize and freeze assets, it’s vital you get advice from the experienced team at Streeterlaw Sydney lawyers.

Do not be somewhere at the end of the queue of creditors once that debtor or their business faces closure or insolvency. Act now and call one of our senior solicitors to ask about our debt recovery services. Help us help you get your money back.


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