Divorce Lawyers in Sydney

While the period of separation after a failed marriage is often a stressful and emotional time; the actual process of obtaining a divorce is very simple. Unlike other jurisdictions, Australia has no fault-divorce, this means that either spouse can apply for a divorce provided that the following grounds are met:

The Application can be made online through the Commonwealth Courts Portal or at the Federal Circuit Court Registry.

If you and your spouse make a Joint Application, neither of you need to attend the Hearing.

In the case of a sole application, the Applicant must attend the Divorce Hearing if there are children under the age of 18 or if a Response is filed by the other spouse challenging the facts outlined in the Application; otherwise Court attendance is not required by either spouse.

Comprehensive support

Streeterlaw is happy to provide you with expert advice where your situation is more complicated or you require assistance in completing the Application and/or representation in Court.

Depending on your circumstances, your partner’s circumstances, and the status of any assets and debts, divorce can become a complicated process. Our Sydney practice’s broad area of expertise ensures that where complications such as spousal support, parenting orders and domestic violence are present, Streeterlaw is equipped to help you. Our Sydney divorce lawyers bring extensive, diverse and varied experience to our firm, allowing us to better meet the needs of our clients regardless of the specifics of their case.

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