Client Testimonials

Streeterlaw’s experienced team aims to provide the best legal advice and client service possible and the letters of thanks we receive from clients is evidence of this.

Guardianship – Power of Attorney Arrangements

To Mark Streeter:

“Dear Mark,
Thanks again for all your help on this matter, both in the weeks leading up to the hearing and on the day of the hearing, including the consultation immediately prior to the hearing. Your succinct summary this morning of the proceedings, and the outcomes of the hearing, neatly encapsulates over two-and-a-half hours of, at times, quite tense discourse. I am sure that your recent letters went a long way towards sealing the fate of the new P.O.A. arrangements. It appears as if he was backing off and realised he did not have anything credible to contribute.

During the hearing, although we had to accept the compromise of your presence being that of a support person rather than my advocate, having you there helped me to feel more confident, albeit that I was still obviously quite nervous! Having your submission in front of me allowed me to stay focused on the relevant points rather than the extraneous issues “others” tried to introduce.

I really hope that we don’t have to go through anything quite like this again. It’s obviously very traumatic having family discord aired in such a forum but in this case we were left with little choice if we wanted Mum’s best interests to be served. However if I need an advocate in the future, you will be the first person I think of to help me. You have certainly earned my sincere endorsement.”


To Mark Streeter:

“Thank you for your letter summarising the hearing. Your summary was very helpful with providing me with greater understanding of procedures and the outcome of the hearing.

I was and remain delighted with your guidance and professional approach

Thank you for your highly skilled representation of my Application.”

Family Law – Property Settlement

To Simone Green:

“Dear Simone,
A heartfelt thank you for being my defender. It was so reassuring to have you work with me throughout this process. I can honestly say that your support was the best therapy I have received throughout my recovery – having someone as empathic and skilful as you fighting for my rights during my most vulnerable time has done far more for me than my copious psychologist, psychiatrist and group therapy sessions.”

Estate & Succession Planning

To Mark Streeter:

“Dear Mark,
I just wanted to say thank you to you and your team as it was great dealing with your firm. Feels a lot better knowing all this is in place.”