Our Quality Management System

Streeterlaw’s Quality Management System is more than a logo. Our documented systems and procedures help you know what to expect from the legal services provided by Streeterlaw Sydney lawyers.

All our solicitors are, members of the Law Society of New South Wales. As the professional association for solicitors in NSW the society serves both a regulatory and representative function on behalf of the profession.

Legal Best Practice 9000How hard is it to become certified?

Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers’ Quality Management System is certified as meeting the internationally recognised benchmark of ISO 9001:2015 and LAW 9000 Legal Best Practice. SAI Global independantly audit Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers to approve the certification.

The ISO 9001 is a standard approved by the International Standards Organization
for quality management systems. LAW 9000 Legal Best Practice is an enhancement of the ISO9001:2015 and customisation for the Legal Industry. Being certified by an independent auditor helps you know that the Streeterlaw quality assured management system is of a world class standard.

What does a Quality Management System mean to you as a Streeterlaw client?

  • we have documented processes which enable us to know what and how we do what we
  • we consciously and repeatedly ask ourselves questions about how we can make things
    work better
  • when mistakes, or errors, occur we do not just fix them. Rather we go further
    and ask whether or not there is a way in which the likelihood of that mistake or
    error re-occurring can be reduced or eliminated

Part of the Quality System is a process of clear documentation. The aim is:

  • that all participants and employees know how the process and systems operate
  • to provide an objectively assessable standard that can be critiqued, improved
    and “tweaked” as required

As an organisation we are committed to continuous improvement and the application of Lean management principles and tools.

Legal firms are extremely complex and complicated businesses. In any given set of legal instructions there are hundreds or even thousands of steps which must be taken. These steps are often undertaken by separate individuals playing different roles within the legal firm. Each step in the legal process is interdependent upon the others.

We always aim for the most efficient and cost-effective manner of handling a case, so there is little duplication of effort and paperwork and a faster result for the client.

If one step has not been performed correctly by one team member, the next team member will not be able to progress their responsibilities.  This has the potential to delay the delivery of your legal services or create “duplication” of effort or rework as tasks are redone to fix any non-conformity. In other legal firms this may result in delay and unnecessary additional legal costs to you.

Streeterlaw’s Quality Management System helps us help you. By making a commitment to follow documented procedures and maintain a very high standard our team eliminate many of the problems faced by the broader legal industry. We operate in accordance with our Streeterlaw Standard Terms and Conditions for provisions of legal services.

Streeterlaw’s vision for the future

The process of “quality improvement” in developing and enhancing our quality management system has been a long one!  We are still on that journey and, we do not ever expect to stop.

Our Vision is to give our clients the best customer service experience possible.

The delivery of legal services in Sydney can be extremely stressful. The practice of law has multiple deadlines and pressures from Courts, clients, third party providers and budgetary constraints. Limited resources must be utilised as cost effectively as possible to protect the fiduciary obligations we have to you our client. The standardisation of processes assists our team members to execute their roles with confidence and consistency.

The Streeterlaw team believe the development of our quality management system is a practical way to create a consistent platform from which our clients receive excellent legal services to our client.