Having obtained either a successful outcome via a judgment of the Court or default judgment, you will generally have to make an informed decision
as to the form of enforcement:

  1. Examination Notice and Order:- This is used to gather information about the Financial circumstances of the person that owes
    the money.
  2. Writ of execution on property or real estate- This is an application for the Sheriff to attend the Debtor’s place of residence
    and take the Debtor’s personal property, to be sold to pay the Judgment Debt. A writ is effective when the Debtor is a householder and
    owns such items as furniture, appliances, motor vehicle or is a company or business which has stock in trade, machinery, office furniture
    or equipment is owned.
  3. Garnishee Order- This is an Order to a bank or an employer to deduct money from the bank account or wages for the amount owing.
  4. Company- Statutory Demand.
  5. Individual- Bankruptcy Notice.

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