Disputed Wills and Guardianship Overview

At Streeterlaw we understand that Estate planning can be both emotional and complex. As such, all too often, Estate Planning can become a task that people put off or place in the ‘too hard basket’ as it requires careful consideration of what you would like to do with your possessions in the event of your passing. Considering the needs and requirements of your loved ones whilst tip-toeing around delicate relationships such as blended families, estranged parents, siblings or children, whilst also considering what you might wish to do if someone pre-deceases you, can understandably, leave you feeling overwhelmed. At Streeterlaw we are here to help you navigate your way through this important process so that you have peace of mind.

We are aware that you will need to consider the structures in which your assets are held, such as whether or not properties in your name are held as tenants in common or in a joint tenancy with another person; and also what is to happen to a trust that you have set up when you are no longer around to control it.

It may be wise to put in place mechanisms such as an Enduring Power of Attorney, or Enduring Deed of Guardianship so that you empower your loved ones to make important decisions for you, should the time come when you do not have the capacity to make them for yourself.

Sadly, in this area of law there can also be some regrettable estate and guardianship disputes that may arise when someone feels that they have been left out of a will, or feels that they have not been adequately provided for. Sometimes, you may feel as though an aging loved one is being taken advantage of.  Other common disputes include having a concern that an estate is being mismanaged by an Executor after the death of a loved one or doubt that the final will of a loved one was entered into correctly. We understand that Estate disputes can be very painful.

At Streeterlaw, our team of highly skilled and dedicated lawyers have the experience to guide you through the journey of planning your estate, highlighting to you the specific considerations that need to be addressed for your personal circumstances. The Streeterlaw Solicitors can also guide and advise you when things are not proceeding as you had hoped and assist with any challenging decisions that arise.

It is important that you have confidence that your estate will be handled in the way you wish, and that your loved ones will be taken care of after your passing. So if you need to start planning your estate, please contact one of our Solicitors on 02 8197 0105 for peace of mind.