Child Support Lawyers in Sydney

What is child support?

Child support is a payment made by one parent to another for the financial support of their children of that relationship. It is generally assessed by the Child Support Agency and based on a complicated formula. You can gain a basic idea of the child support payable for a child by visiting the website.

Can I apply to the child support agency?

Yes, provided you meet certain criteria. The agency will administer an assessment based on income, the care of the children and the age of the children.

Can I have a private agreement?

You can come to an agreement about child support for your children. You might consider a Limited or Binding Child Support Agreement, which can be registered with the Department of Human Services (previously known as the Child Support Agency). Such agreements may contain payments and provisions for both periodic (cash payments) or non-periodic (school fees, health fund etc) payments. It is even possible to have an agreement for a lump sum payment of child support.

Will my Centrelink entitlements be affected?

This will depend on your circumstances. Centrelink will take into account any monies paid to you in child support when determining your eligibility for various benefits.