Our Environmental and Waste Policy

Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers are mindful that as a corporate member of modern Australian society we are afforded many privileges. We believe with privilege comes responsibility. Therefore we believe we should be wise and careful with the resources provided to us rather than squandering them, or unnecessarily damaging our environment through poor management practices.

As a “white collar” industry, a legal firm has a comparatively low environmental impact compared to many other industries. However there are a number of significant aspects of our operations which we have identified as particularly worthy of close management and supervision in order to minimise our pollution causing activities.

These include our:

A high percentage of our “waste” is able to be recycled as the inputs for this waste stream are generally paper or paper-based products.

Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers certified by Carbon Reduction Institute as “NO CO2”

As a function of our environmental policy we have chosen to participate in a ‘carbon trading scheme’ and become a carbon neutral firm. That is, we seek to reduce or eliminate those activities which cause or create carbon dioxide pollution. To the extent that we are unable to eliminate this waste by-product we purchase certified “off-sets” through the Carbon Reduction Institute.

The Carbon Reduction Institute has certified Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers as “No CO2”.

These are more than a logo on a website. It’s an environmental attitude. We know this alone is not going to fix climate change around the world. Yet we believe this is a small, yet practical, environmental step. Each step helps to make a bigger difference. If we all work together we can change the world for our children.

You can learn more about the No CO2 certification program, and how your business can help, atwww.noco2.com.au.

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