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Why Streeterlaw?


Streeterlaw’s solicitors have over 60 years combined experience with dedicated teams in Commercial Law and Dispute Resolution, Family Law, Disputed Wills and Estate Planning and; Property and Transactions.

Our team includes Accredited Specialists in Commercial Law and Family Law

Cost Effective

Most lawyers go slow and charge high. Streeterlaw is focused on the outcome you want and designing a strategy to get you there. This saves you time, money and stress.

Client Focused

Streeterlaw is focused on your best interests. All our internal systems of decision making, communication and reporting are designed with your needs in mind. We’ll always ask for feedback on how we can improve our client service.

Leading Family & Commercial Lawyers | Streeterlaw Law Firm

At Streeterlaw, our team of lawyers and solicitors, client service specialists and paralegals give you personalised attention to deliver the best outcomes to avoid or resolve your disputes. Principal and Accredited Specialist in Commercial Law, Mark Streeter founded Streeterlaw in 2008 with a goal to deliver excellence in legal services with integrity, in the most efficient manner. At Streeterlaw, our unique combination of expert commercial knowledge with fraud and insolvencies also provides you with the advantage of expertise in managing complex family law disputes involving businesses, property or complex trust structures.

This Law Firm’s goal is simple;

To deliver client focused, comprehensive legal services with personal attention at every stage, efficiently and cost effectively.

More about Streeterlaw…

A law firm supporting you in more ways

Our boutique firm has specialist practice in commercial lawfamily lawwills and estates, and guardianship; with a focus on dispute resolution. Streeterlaw understands complex issues and our experienced team of specialists have the skills to provide you with the most comprehensive and insightful advice for your unique circumstances to get you the best outcome.

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Whether you’re considering divorce or have concerns relating to corporate or personal bankruptcy, wills and estates or property transactions, Streeterlaw is ready to assist.

Contact us today on 02 8197 0105 or send us your enquiry our webform and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible for a confidential discussion.

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What our clients say about Streeterlaw...

"Thanks so much to yourself, Mark and the Streeterlaw team for getting us this result, we are more than happy with how everything went and the result we got. We would recommend Streeterlaw's legal services to anyone!"
"Thank you for your letter summarising the hearing. Your summary was very helpful with providing me with greater understanding of procedures and the outcome of the hearing.

I was and remain delighted with your guidance and professional approach

Thank you for your highly skilled representation of my Application."
"A heartfelt thank you for being my defender. It was so reassuring to have you work with me throughout this process. I can honestly say that your support was the best therapy I have received throughout my recovery – having someone as empathic and skilful as you fighting for my rights during my most vulnerable time has done far more for me than my copious psychologist, psychiatrist and group therapy sessions."
"I would like to thank you & Mark for everything you had done for myself and my husband. I have been focusing on staying and thinking positive. I am very grateful and appreciative for everything both you and Mark have done for me. I am glad that I went to you and fought for my rights, but most of all that I was able to understand for the first time what was happening."
"I acknowledge the extensive contributions Jamal and others from Streeterlaw. Their timely advice, assistance and back-up has been much appreciated. Without it, I would not have been able to successfully fulfil my role."
To Mark and your Team,

All your dedication and hard work as a leader has paid off.
Thank you for contributing (with your outstanding professional team) for an outcome such as my matter.
I felt well supported throughout that difficult period.

Well done to everyone involved. Appreciated!
Mark is extremely professional in his work and understands the importance on how to deal with your situation. He has an extremely high-end team that knows what is best needed in your cases and will make sure that you are looked after.

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