Strata & Property Disputes

Disputes involving land in NSW cover a broad spectrum. They may range from neighbourhood disputes over dividing fences, problems arising due to trespass, encroachment of boundaries, disputes arising from the purchase or sale of land, secured creditors’ rights, and allegations of equitable ownership or interests in land or disputes over caveats or other encumbrances over the land. We can also provide assistance where tradespeople responsible for defective work refuse to correct it within an appropriate period, as well as negotiating your rights and responsibilities under the by-laws of your owners corporation.

Streeterlaw’s strata and property dispute lawyers brings a depth and breadth of experience to every case, ensuring that regardless of the scope or complexity of your matter, we’ll be equipped to help you work towards the most favourable outcome.

Our commercial litigation lawyers understand that property settlement and dispute cases can spiral in complexity, especially where factors such as shared or corporate ownership of property, bankruptcy and debt recovery, divorce and inheritance are involved in the case. Our diverse legal team allows us to more confidently tackle even the most complex, far-reaching matters, providing better representation and more relevant and informative advice for clients.

Our commercial dispute resolution department is ably led by firm principal Mark Streeter, giving clients the benefit of more than two decades of experience practicing in Australia. Supported by a talented team of solicitors and client service specialists, Mark and his firm help clients navigate the Australian legal system, providing insightful advice and – where required – vigorous representation in order to deliver the best possible results.

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