An introduction to your Legal Client Service Specialists

Lawyers spend a considerable amount of time in Dispute Resolution. Whether it is Family Law, Commercial Law or other cases, this often means our lawyers and solicitors are needed in settlement conferences, face to face mediations and in Court representing clients. These off-site commitments can restrict your lawyer’s ability to quickly answer your telephone or email questions.

To ensure communication continues we have created a specialist position – Client Service Specialist.

Our Client Service Specialists report directly to a Legal Associate or Director. They are highly skilled and experienced legal executives who are able to “case manage” files within the firm. They rarely have commitments outside the office. Their role is to be the first point of contact for you via emails and telephone calls.

The  Client Service Specialist is seen as your internal advocate. They provide you peace of mind and confidence in the knowledge that you are able to be assisted without reference to the solicitor. If the matter is particularly urgent, the Client Service Specialist will arrange for an appropriate alternative legal professional to act immediately in response to any developments.

For you this means we deliver a better and faster result. The added benefit for you is it allows us to apply a composite hourly rate which guarantees to significantly reduce your costs.