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Legal disputes between families can be difficult and confusing, as Family Law Specialists we understand that every person has a unique story and requires a personalised and flexible approach. Our team of family lawyers will listen to your concerns and you can be assured they have the extensive legal experience necessary to advise you and guide you achieve the best outcome in all areas of family law.

Our Family Law Solicitors will help you understand your legal rights, provide you with various options to resolve your Family Law dispute and enable you to make informed decisions about your future to help put you back in control. Our Accredited Specialist Solicitor in Family Law is also qualified to help you resolve your family law dispute collaboratively and avoid the expense of going to court!

Curious about how our family law specialists have assisted others in the past? Read some real stories of cases from our family law team on the blog site or if you want to read some information on what family law covers see our article on everything you need to know about Family Law.

Why you should call Streeterlaw’s Sydney Family Law Specialists

When you choose Streeterlaw’s Sydney family law firm to represent your interests, you can rest assured that as Family Law Specialists, we know what we are doing. We have Accredited Specialist lawyers and we have extensive experience in all areas of family law including:

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At Streeterlaw we adopt a holistic approach and we make your best interests our priority. Our family law solicitors strive to keep you out of court where possible and achieve the quickest and most cost-effective results through mediation or collaborative practice.

Our Family Law Solicitors are skilled negotiators dedicated to achieving outcomes which lessen hostility in otherwise fractured relationships and in parenting matters focus on what is best for the children. Our family lawyers are client focused and results driven and we prioritise open and frequent communication between you and your family law solicitor, so you will always understand what is happening with your case.

Family Law Specialists

Our Sydney family law firm also has a dedicated Client Service Specialist who has knowledge of all Family Law files and is the first point of contact by email or telephone. Our experienced Family Law Client Service Specialist is always ready to assist with your enquiries or otherwise place you in direct contact with your lawyer.

Contact our Family Law team today, we are here to listen and to guide you to a resolution. Not ready yet? Consider downloading our parting ways booklet.