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When is legal action with debt recovery worth the expense?

This is actually the second question we need to ask. The answer to it will depend on the answer to the most important first question. This question is “Does the debtor have funds to pay?”

There is no point starting the debt collecting process by suing a company that is bust or an individual who is already insolvent. This means he or she owes more than he earns and owns and is therefore unable to service their debts.

Having assessed the prospects of a debt recovery, we then analyse the strength of your legal course of action. We look for evidence of documentation of your terms of contract and other key elements of the contract you have to provide goods / services to the debtor. Having examined and assessed these issues (and considering our advice) you are equipped to make a commercial decision for a debt solution after weighing up the risks and potential rewards.

Streeterlaw Sydney Lawyers can help decide what debt recovery is worth pursuing and what to walk away from.

When you want your money back call Streeterlaw.

Explore the Debt Recovery blogsite for real case studies.

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