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How much will legal fees cost me?

How Much Does a Lawyer Cost?

Streeterlaw Sydney lawyers’ fee policy is designed to REALLY help you when it comes to legal costs.


Streeterlaw Sydney lawyers’ Legal Fees

Our legal fees are deliberately charged as you go. The benefit is you will always know where you are up to with your legal costs.

Other lawyers may delay their lawyer fees and court costs until the end of your case. Many people exposed to this system discover their legal fees are far more than they anticipated and question if it was worth it. Sometimes at the end of cases, those involved are horrified at the total legal expense.

We believe you need to know the true legal costs of your case each step of the way. This helps you continue to make informed decisions about whether it is worth pursuing the current course of action.

Your Streeterlaw team of lawyers are results focused and budget conscious. We want results for you, on a budget you agree to, in a time frame you understand.

Lawyer Fees per Hour

Your legal fees for litigation and advocacy representation are generally based on hourly rates as listed below. You will receive written estimates (a fees agreement) of solicitor fees and disbursements. Where possible fixed fees are agreed in advance.

 Legal fees rate per hour Rate ex GST Rate Incl. GST
Principal/Head of Practice Area $550.00 $605.00
Accredited Specialist $500.00 $550.00
Senior Solicitor with more than 6 years post admission experience (PAE) $450.00 $495.00
Senior Solicitor (+ 4 years PAE) $400.00 $440.00
Solicitor (+ 2.5 years PAE) $350.00 $385.00
Solicitor (+ 18 months PAE) $300.00 $330.00
Solicitor $250.00 $275.00
Client Service Specialist/ Legal Executive, Paralegal Clerk $200.00 $220.00


Commercial Recovery Fees
There are a number of fixed fee products in our Commercial Recoveries Division. The fixed fees are based on fair estimates of the work required and provide certainty to our clients as to what their final legal costs will be.

Winding up a Company Fees
As a general estimate, an application for winding up (for a corporation) or an application for sequestration order (personal insolvency) could cost the creditor $3,300 in an uncontested application.

Other costs
Disbursements are third party expenses that are incurred in the course of a matter on your behalf. Examples of these expenses include court filing fees, service fees, investigations, expert or barristers’ fees.

It is our policy to outsource all bulk photocopying at a substantial discount to trusted specialist providers.

At the commencement of every set of instructions, we assess the scope of the disbursements likely to be incurred so proper provision may be made for them in the legal costs relating to your case.

Standard Terms and Conditions Standard Terms and Conditions (186 KB)

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