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Parting Ways: Divorce Advice Booklet

Divorce and Separation: A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities


Divorce and Separation:
A Guide to Your Rights & Responsibilities

Stop, think, plan. This Separation guide can save you pain. It can save you money. For married and defacto relationships.

In the midst of a very emotional time this simple booklet can help you. This Separation booklet can save you a lot of money. It can also
save you a lot of pain. It is a guide to your rights and responsibilities in the event of Separation. Yes you do have rights and yes
you do have responsibilities.

The more you can research Separation and understand your rights and responsibilities the better it will be for you. In my role as a Family
Law Lawyer I see too many people make rash decisions in the heat of the moment. They leave the house in anger, they leave without a
plan. They change the locks. Their children suffer.

The fact that you are downloading this booklet encourages me. You are doing your homework. This booklet is designed to help you stop, think
and plan. Knowing your legal rights is important. So is knowing your responsibilities.

Legal fees can be expensive. This booklet is free. One page of the booklet tells you which documents you will need copies of. Why pay a
lawyer to find these important documents when you could have just taken a copy of them for free?

Separation is not easy. It hurts. But moving on can also give you a fresh start. After reading this booklet you may decide not to proceed
with Separation. That’s fine.

This booklet won’t take you long to read. It’s only 24 pages long with just over 2500 words. That is about the same as two or three pages
of a daily newspaper. But it may take you some time to work through the simple steps it outlines for you. If you do them you will thank

As I said this booklet is short. So I am also going to send you five more emails with some videos. In these I will answer some frequently
asked questions. If my own clients have asked them you probably have the same questions. These emails will include some videos where
I explain further some of the essential steps you need to take. Don’t worry you can stop the emails with a click.

Before you download your free copy take a moment to consider which email address to use. If you have more than one email address, is one
more private than another? OK now download the Parting Ways booklet and I will see you in the next email via video.

Thank you.

Mark Streeter

Family Law Lawyer

Streeterlaw Sydney

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