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Dean Jessep

Wills & Estates

A. What inspired you to study to law

I have always found great satisfaction in bringing clarity from complexity: studying, and now practicing law, gives me the privilege to work with my clients when they need help navigating complex aspects of life.

This is particularly true in the areas of guardianship and deceased estates – whether it is writing a will, working through assisting an elderly or unwell loved one, or their family, dealing with a loved one’s estate or resolving a dispute.

I hold myself to the expectation that I speak up for those who struggle to, or cannot, speak for themselves. I have a passion for protecting the vulnerable from being exploited or of being taken advantage.

B. What makes a good lawyer

I believe a good lawyer is a clear communicator and strong advocate for their client. I always strive to be quick to listen, slow to speak and outcome oriented in my approach.

C. What do your client’s say about you?

Dean is very approachable and he genuinely cares. He takes the time to understand his client’s situation. Dean enjoys charting a course to achieve great outcomes for his clients by applying his professional skills and experience to navigate any challenges that come up.

D. Qualifications – BLA, Dip Law, GLDP

Dean Jessep

Personal and Business Succession Planning

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Dean Jessep

Wills & Estates

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