Author: Angelika Turner

Extensive changes to parenting orders and Independent Children’s Lawyers starting in May 2024 | Part 1

1-May-2024 Family Law By Angelika Turner

On 6 November 2023, the Family Law Amendment Act 2023 (Cth) (“Family Law Amendment”) received Royal Assent, which will result in extensive changes to the parenting framework and parenting orders, as well as the role of Independent Children’s...

What will Easter mean for our parenting arrangement?

16-March-2024 Family Law By Angelika Turner

Easter is fast approaching but my ex-partner and I both want to spend time with the kids over the Easter long weekend. What do we do? The key to surviving the Easter period is communication and forward planning, especially if you do not have a parenting...

I’ve been served with an ADVO!

28-February-2024 Family Law By Angelika Turner

An ADVO or Apprehended Domestic Violence Order “But how could this have happened? I’ve never been violent towards my partner!” – have you been served with an ADVO and not sure what to do? Call Streeterlaw now to discuss your options and consider...