What happens when you contact Streeterlaw?

When you retain Streeterlaw, you are retaining us as your solicitors and as your advocates and as your trusted advisors.

When you first contact us by way of a phone or internet, the first question we are going to ask you is your full name. The second question we’re probably going to ask you is who are the other people involved or connected to your case or potential case that we need to know about. We will then conduct searches of our databases to make sure that we aren’t already acting for any of those people and haven’t acted previously in relation to those people. This is to satisfy a fundamental obligation as solicitors to clients or potential clients, that we don’t place ourselves in a conflict of interest and that if we take a retainer from you if you retain us as your lawyers, that we are acting exclusively in your best interests. We will then seek to set up a time when you can come and meet us and we’ll have a conference.

At this initial conference, we’ll  provide you:

The short form legal services agreement is a requirement of the Law Society and the Legal Profession Act. It provides you clear written document evidencing the basis upon which you retain us for that conference and everything you say and anything you say during that conference will be covered and protected by legal professional privilege. That means that anything you say cannot be disclosed to anyone else. That’s both a contractual term but also part of out professional responsibilities under the solicitors rules.

We will ask you in this first conference to tell us the top three questions that you want to get answered in the course of the the meeting. Then we will take probably half an hour or more asking questions of you and getting information about your particular circumstances. Unless we have the details of your particular history and your particular case, the advice that we are able to provide is only of a very general nature. We want to be able to customise our advice so it is particular to your circumstances and it helps you work how to get from where you are to where you want to go. The last 20 to 30 minutes of the meeting will be working out some scenarios, having given you an overview of your substantive rights and also importantly telling you how to enforce your rights. How to get from where you are to where you go. It’s no point knowing what your rights are if there’s no mechanism or process by which you can go through to get them.

If you’re ready to contact Streeterlaw for advice on your dispute, please contact us on 02 8197 0105 and we’ll help you book a case appraisal conference.

If you’ve already booked an appointment with us, fantastic, we look forward to meeting you! Please make sure you bring all relevent documention to the meeting or alternatrively, send it to us via email prior to the meeting.