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Help! I’m a Director – How can I avoid breaching my duties? Part 2

15-December-2023 Commercial Disputes,General By Jamal Bakalian

"Help! I’m a director, and I’m worried I might breach a duty... How can I avoid this?" Following on from Part I in this series, if you are interested in some helpful tips on how to avoid breaching your Director’s Duties, read on… 1....

Help! I’m a Director – What duties are expected of me? Part 1

3-November-2023 Commercial Disputes By Jamal Bakalian

Help! I’m a director. What duties are expected of me? If you are a recently appointed Director of an Australian Company and you want some clarity around the types of things you can expect to be responsible for, You have come to the right...

Top tips to reduce legal costs and prevent contractual disputes

20-July-2017 Commercial Disputes By Mark Streeter

Many businesses enter into commercial contracts every day in delivering their services and products. If managed correctly, contracts can be a great mechanism to detail the work to be undertaken, the role of each party and the agreed price. However,...