5 Top tips for a Healthy Separation

15-October-2022 Family Law By Simone Green

Ending a relationship can be devastating both emotionally and financially. Streeterlaw Accredited Specialist in Family Law Simone Green shares some insights and tips in how to separate well.

Each couple’s separation experience is unique to their own set of circumstances and can vary enormously depending on the causative factors involved as well as each person’s perspective of what is fair.

Separation may also affect people differently at different stages of the process. For instance, the person who leaves the relationship often has the benefit of having considered the separation for a while and may be keen to finalise arrangements, whereas it may come as a shock for the other person who will need time to process their ‘next steps’ at a slower pace.

Negotiating around practical aspects of separation such as finances and parenting issues can seem overwhelming during the initial phases of separation when emotions run hard and fast. So, what can you do to maximise your chances of a healthy separation and settlement? Here are 5 tips:

  1. Consult with an Accredited Specialist in Family Law for an early advice. Engaging an experienced family lawyer early has the benefit of preventing otherwise costly mistakes later and can maximise your chances of settlement.
  2. If face to face communication with your ex-partner is difficult, try communicating in writing or through a third party.
  3. Be respectful in all communications with your ex- partner.
    1. Never send an email or text when you are upset or angry. Even if you type it, wait until you are calm before you press send or ask a trusted friend to review it.
    2. Always communicate as though it will be read in Court one day (even if there is no present intention of going to Court, you would be surprised how many times angry, emotional, and inappropriate communications between people end up in Court evidence).
    3. Avoid social media posts regarding the separation or any negative comments about your ex-partner.
  4. Mediate early and if necessary, more than once! Mediators and Family Dispute Practitioners are experts in assisting separated couples and families negotiate the settlement of disputes without going to Court. Lawyers can then finalise the agreement by way of an Application for Consent Orders at a fraction of the cost of Court proceedings.
  5. Children should never be exposed to parental disputes. Keep all negotiations child focused and away from the children.

Streeterlaw’s expert family lawyers have helped many separated families resolve their disputes quickly and with dignity. If you are separated, or thinking of separation, call us today on 02 8197 0105 and let us guide you towards a healthier separation and family law settlement.

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