Understanding the ACCC and your role

Fact or fiction: the ACCC is only for consumers.

Many Directors hold unhelpful misconceptions about the how the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) can affect their business.

The list below goes through some common misconceptions and widely held truth about the ACCC. Click the drop down arrows to learn more about how the ACCC affects your business.

ANSWER:  Fiction 

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is an independent board that helps both businesses and consumers alike. 

Answer: Fact

The ACCC is an independent statutory authority, free from political persuasion.

Answer: Fiction

The ACCC is not a dispute resolution forum. Rather, the ACCC focuses on enforcing the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 and similar consumer law legislation through internal meetings. Decisions made by the ACCC can be reviewed.

Answer: Fiction

Some decisions made the ACCC can be appealed to the Australian Competition Tribunal and through administrative law. If you believe the ACCC has made an incorrect decision about your business or a decision that adversely effects your business, contact Streeterlaw for expert assistance in reviewing the decision.

Answer: Fact

An important function of the ACCC is to provide guidance to businesses, especially small businesses, about their obligations and rights in relation to consumers.

Answer: Fiction

The ACCC provides advice to consumers on the guidelines in Australian Consumer Law about how businesses can collect debts and who debts can be collected from. The Streeterlaw team of specialised debt collection lawyers are highly skilled and successful in assisting businesses with debt collection.
Contact Streeterlaw for expert assistance with debt collection.

Answer: Fact

There are certain prescriptions about the length and form of a warranty. Whilst the ACCC provides some guidelines about warranties, it is best to have your terms and conditions reviewed by a solicitor. Contact Streeterlaw for advice on your business’ terms and conditions at a cost-effective price.

Answer: Fiction

Consumer law sets specific guidelines for how a business can advertise its goods and services. Part of the ACCC’s role is to inform businesses about lawful advertising. If you are unsure about whether your advertising meets this standard, our Solicitors are available to review your advertising material and provide you with advice.

Answer: Fact

In its advisory capacity, the ACCC can provide businesses with information about the content and form of reviews left about a business.
If you are concerned about an fake review left about your business, you may find this short article helpful: Fake News, Fake Reviews and Fake Users – three fakes don’t make a right.

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