Protecting women and children from violence

29-November-2010 Family Law By Simone Green

Protecting people from violence is a significant role of Australian laws. The protection of women and children from domestic violence is a topic often covered in the media. Sexual assault is another.

A report into the various Federal and State laws and their effectiveness was delivered to the Attorney General in October 2010 by the Australian Law Reform and NSW Law Reform Commissions. This report was a step forward in addressing inconsistencies or areas for improvement in our State and Federal laws. Many Family laws intersect or cross over with other laws which can create confusion.

This 1500-page, two-volume report sought to comprehensively review the various Federal and State Laws and identified weaknesses and areas for potential improvement. Its objective was reducing violence in the community and particularly in relation to women and children.  There were 186 recommendations made for improvement.

Areas include confidentiality, rape, family dispute resolution, bail, trial process, homicide, breach of protection orders.

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