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24-May-2018 Fraud and Insolvency By admin

Fraudulent behaviour in the guise of blackmail was halted and a client’s peace of mind restored when Streeterlaw’s Fraud Recovery Team acted swiftly to nullify a serious situation.

The client, a man of standing in the community, had received numerous threats that personal and sensitive information would be publicly aired if hefty payments were not made.

He was bombarded with telephone and text messages, and given intimate details of his whereabouts and day-to-day movements.

The man succumbed to the threats and discreet transactions saw paper bags filled with cash and left in obscure locations. Despite promises the threats would stop after each payment, the blackmailer’s taunts and demands continued.

At his wit’s end, and desperate to save his personal and professional life, the man turned to Streeterlaw for help. How could he make this stop and regain control?

Senior Solicitor Evatt Styles said the team understood that dealing with fraud was not easy and that there were challenges.

“Do not succumb to fraud,” he said. “We are here to equip you with all the legal mechanisms and options to help you take back control.”

In this case, this was done by locating the anonymous messenger and having information seized through a search order.

The team also ensured an injunction so the blackmailer could not carry out the threats, and secured a suppression order to prevent details of their client going public.

“Fraud is the use or abuse of a relationship by deceit,” Principal Mark Streeter said. “It often stems from the relationships which you most trust.”

“We are here to help guide you through this journey.”

The decision of AS v Murray (2013) NSWSC 733 is cited as the leading decision on the tort of intimidation. It is said to be the first decision granting exemplary damages in recent Australian Case Law.

Mr Streeter, an accredited specialist-Commercial Litigation, was the Solicitor on Record in AS v Murray, and is an experienced Independent Solicitor in Search Order Parties.

Mr Styles was the Applicant Solicitor in the AS v Murray Search Team

Call 02 8197 0105 and speak with Senior Solicitor Evatt Styles or Streeterlaw’s Principal Mark Streeter to receive urgent confidential advice.

This article should not be construed as advice as each matter varies on a case by case basis.

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