Insider Trading Stock Tips at Family Reunion

30-November-2010 Fraud and Insolvency By admin

Insider trading laws in Australia have become far more relevant to the majority of the population. Traditionally insider trading was considered a white collar crime of a select few wealthy individuals with “inside” knowledge of businesses.

Australia now has one of the highest ownership of investment shares in the world. Therefore many Australians take an active interest in stock prices and follow the Australian share market closely. Good trading tips always seem welcome but be warned.

Insider trading is illegal in Australia. It is considered a white collar crime but it is also quite easy to overstep the mark as this cartoon video demonstrates. Click on the YouTube graphic below to watch a scenario of a not-too-ridiculous event. Seemingly innocent stock tips can land yourself and others in trouble. The ‘best shares to buy’ tips are not worth it if you end up with a criminal conviction.

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