Drivers face hefty fines for parking illegally in disabled car spaces

3-December-2014 General By Nicholas Satouris

From 1 December 2014, anyone caught parking in a disabled car park without holding a valid mobility parking sticker will not only get a $519 fine – the highest fine for this offence in the country – they will also receive a demerit point penalty.

The strict new laws apply wherever disabled parking offences are currently enforced, whether on a public road or in a car park.

Streeterlaw’s Principal Solicitor of Commercial and Insurance Litigation, Mr Nicholas Satouris, said drivers need to be aware of the risks of parking in a disabled space, even for a few minutes.

“Drivers who think about parking illegally in disabled car parks need to know that the demerit point penalty can contribute towards licence suspension and also make drivers ineligible for discounted driver’s licence renewal fees and reduced insurance premiums,” he said.

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