Benefits to register your de facto relationship

29-November-2010 Family Law By Simone Green

The NSW Attorney General launched the NSW Relationships Register in 2010. This Register is managed by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages and allows unmarried couples in a committed, exclusive relationship to formally prove that they are in a committed or de facto relationship.

The Register is open for either unmarried heterosexual or same sex couples. Registrants will be provided with a document which helps to prove their relationship, avoiding the burden of constantly having to supply government agencies voluminous paperwork as evidence of their relationship.

For further information see Births Deaths Marriage / Relationships Register. Or contact our Sydney Family Law team.

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Written by Simone Green

Simone Green

Simone Green has been practicing family law for 16 years. After attaining her Bachelor of Arts/Law, Simone chose to further her studies, successfully gaining her Masters of Applied Family Law. In acknowledgement of her expertise in Family Law, Simone was awarded her Specialist Accreditation in Family Law in 2013. Simone is also a Collaboratively trained Family Lawyer and is a member of AACP and CPNSW. Simone is the Director of the Family Law Practice at Streeterlaw.

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