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Do I have to provide my new partner’s financial details to the Family Court? – The Relevance of 3rd party financial information

1-July-2021 Family Law By admin

Did you know that financial disclosure of all relevant documents and information is an ongoing legal obligation for separated couples regardless of whether specific requests are made by the other party or not? Streeterlaw Family Lawyer, Maidei...

COVID Canines: Your Guide to the Law and Your New Pet!

28-August-2020 General By admin

Many of us will be exiting lockdown with a new furry addition to our household. Whilst a new family member is exciting, it can also be a very overwhelming, particularly if you’ve never had a pet before. Whether you’ve bought a puppy from a breeder...

Parenting orders – know your obligations

8-December-2013 Family Law By admin

Have you recently obtained parenting orders? The law requires you to take an active role in encouraging your children to attend and live with or spend time with the other parent, which goes beyond merely ensuring that the children are available. It...